Debtor/Creditor Rights


When one party owes a significant amount of money to another, the relationship between the two can become tense. No one likes to owe money that they cannot repay, just as no one likes to be owed money and not receive it. The laws of the state of Florida and New York have provided rights for both debtors and creditors in this situation as to protect both parties. If you feel your rights as either a debtor or creditor are not being served, call Mancuso Law today to discuss your options.


Debtor Rights

If you owe a balance that you are unable to pay, that does not give the creditor the right to harass you or take other intimidating steps. There are limits to the number of collection calls that are allowed, as well as limits on the ways they can try to pursue payment. For instance, some creditors may not have the legal standing to have your wages garnished in order to collect. If a creditor is acting in a way you believe to be inappropriate, call us right away for a free consultation.


Creditor Rights

If you have been trying to collect on the same debt for a period of time with no success, you can call on the experience of Nate Mancuso to provide you with new options. Outstanding invoices can be a fatal blow to the cash flow of a business, so we understand how important your collections efforts are. We will do everything we can to assist in getting you paid, all while remaining safely within the confines of the law.


We would love to speak with you about your Debtor/Creditor rights issues and see in what way we can be of assistance. Call us today for your free consultation.