Consumer Litigation

Consumer litigation is often based around banks and other creditors trying to collect on debts that are owed to them. While they have a right to pursue the monies that they are owed, they often go too far and violate your rights as a consumer. Mancuso Law will stand up for you in court and make sure that the banks and credit card companies are not allow to overrun your life.


Two main areas of consumer litigation are foreclosure defense and credit card defense.


Foreclosure Defense


The process of having a house foreclosed on is stressful for the entire family. Not only will a foreclosure threaten your financial future, it will also leave you without a place to live as an immediate concern. If you feel you are being foreclosed on unfairly you will want to retain legal council in order to fight back. The law provides very specific conditions for foreclosure to take place, and you may be protected if the bank has not met one or more of those conditions.


Credit Card Defense


A past-due credit card balance can quickly turn into non-stop phone calls to you and anyone around you. Credit card companies can be relentless in their pursuit of a payment, and may find themselves crossing the lines of the law. Nate Mancuso will help you battle the credit card companies by ensuring that they keep their proper distance and only use collections methods that are allowed under the law.


Our office is looking forward to receiving your call and providing you with a free consultation. You don’t have to be bullied around if you owe money to a bank or credit card company. Work with Mancuso Law and properly defend yourself within the framework of Florida law.