Bankruptcy is a major decision that can have long-lasting consequences. While often given a negative connotation, filing for bankruptcy can be a wise financial decision that can set you back on course for a better financial future. If you are in a situation where you simply cannot pay back the debts that you owe to various creditors, bankruptcy can be a great way to reset your financial life and relieve the stress that comes with the collection process. Mancuso Law specializes in Florida bankruptcy cases and would be proud to work with you to find the best solution to your situation.


While there are many different kinds of bankruptcy filings in the state of Florida, all of them follow the same general outline.


  • Petition for bankruptcy is filed by the debtor
  • A means test is used to evaluate the debtor’s assests
  • The court establishes the framework of repayment
  • Debtor’s assets are used to repay a portion of the debt
  • After payment, debtor is relieved of remaining debts

Bankruptcy is rarely a quick and easy process. Since you will be asking to have at least a portion of your debts forgiven, the court takes all factors into consideration before granting a bankruptcy request. Working with an experienced attorney like Nate Mancuso will help you in following all of the proper steps and giving your filing a good chance at success.


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